Rueda Torno

In Rueda Torno you change the orientation of each couple with special calls in 90° increments. Beside the well known normal rueda and Rueda Pa'fuera you get two orientations in which the couples are aligned like on the spokes of the wheel. In these spoke structures some new rules for partner changing apply. The challenge is to maintain the overview while the orientations change quickly. Torno is a very dynamic structure and gives you the opportunity to dance figures from Linea de Casino in the circle. There are also nice transitions to Structures like Llanta and Mixta as well as to Son/Casino concepts which are used in Rueda que Camina.



In this video you can see some figures for Rueda Torno we developed in Berlin:

If you combine Torno with Mixta you get a structure similar to Llanta. The difference is, that the couples in the small circles are not aligned on an inner and outer circle but on the spokes of the wheel.
 For further information see here: Torno Mixta

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